Recently, we played at the Historic Opera Theatre in Glenns Ferry for a show by Heath Harmison, a stand-up comedian from Las Vegas. It was so much fun. We’ve never laughed so hard in our lives. What a great guy!

We set up our equipment the night before the show because it was on a weekday and we had to work. We had a fun time setting up and playing songs. Finally, we had to call it a night because the owner, Jim, had a lot of things he needed to do to get ready for the show.

The next night, we came in and did a quick sound check and got things dialed in just right. Then, we played some great tunes while the audience ate their dinner of stroganoff and breadsticks. It was perfect! The music was just the right volume for the room, the mix was fantastic, everything was just right. We played and played until it was time to tear down the stage for the comedy show.

Tear down went quicker than we had anticipated and we went next door to hurry and eat our dinners so we wouldn’t miss the show. We enjoyed every bite. Then, went over just in time to see the show begin.

We had a fantastic time, which will not soon be forgotten. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. The show was super funny. Heath and his wife Molly started with some improv skits that were really creative. Then, Heath did some stand-up comedy that was family friendly and so funny. We were all laughing so hard our cheeks hurt by the end of the night.