We recently held a benefit concert to help raise funds for the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre.  With an online fundraiser campaign and a mailing to patrons raising over $3,000, we were able to add another $2,000 from the benefit concert to total over $5,000 raised for the Opera Theatre.  Last year, a portion of their roof blew off in a violent storm.  So, they were depending on donations to keep their doors open.

If you’ve ever been to the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre to see any of their plays,  you know it’s a great place that deserves to continue in business.  The community has been helped by the tourist attraction for years.  In a town the size of Glenns Ferry (roughly 1,100 people) it makes such a big impact to have a community theatre that draws big crowds of people from all over.  To lose that would be a tragedy all around.

We perform at the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre several times each summer to entertain while they serve dinner.  It’s great fun and we always enjoy our time there.  Mike and Amy are also involved as actors in the productions.  We’d just hate to lose the theatre.  So, it was so fun to have a part in the benefit concert and auction.  We all went home with something fun and a great feeling of community from giving our time and talents to give back to the theatre.