We love playing for private parties.  In fact, private parties make up a big portion of our gig schedule for our band.  Some people have asked what type of music we play.  You can listen to samples of all of our songs on our home page.  We like to describe our music as Western Rock.  We play a lot of cover songs as well as originals that we’ve written over the years.  We always get the crowd tapping their toes and singing along to their favorites.

It’s so fun to see people really getting into the songs and having a good time.  It makes us feel great inside.

We’ve played for private backyard parties for the 4th of July, Christmas parties for different organizations, church dinners, and awards banquets.  We’d love to play for your next get together, whatever it is.  Just get a hold of us through our contact page and let us know what you’d like us to play for.  We can work out something that will be fun for everyone!