We’re back to our rehearsal schedule after a busy and fun summer!  We meet each Friday night for a long practice session filled with hard work and good humor.  We often comment that we should record some of the talk that happens in the practice room, since it’s so funny, but we always forget to do that.

This week, Al fell off his drum stool while we were working hard on a song. He had reached too far over to pick up a drum stick and just lost his balance. We were so focused that Cindy was the only one who noticed he fell over.  Mike just thought he was checking the sound on the ground, for a better angle at listening, I guess.  Vern and I were just busy focusing on the new song that we were clueless as to what was going on.  But, we all had a good laugh.

We’re diligently working to learn a bunch of new songs by Mike.  I’ve got a couple as well that we’ll try to tackle after that.  It’s so amazing how talented our group is.  I always feel a little star-struck when we get together.  In just a few short minutes, everyone was grooving to songs they’d only just heard for the first time.  With only chord progressions and lyrics to go off of, everyone came up with their own parts to add to the mix.  Incredible talent!  I’m so excited for this year.

Well, if you know of anyone with a need for a band, feel free to reach out to us or pass along our information to them.  We love playing and having an audience makes it even better.

I almost forgot to mention that Mike and I are in a play, The Christmas Carol on Nov. 28th, 2015 at the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre.  Come out and see it.  It starts at 7pm and will be a lot of fun.  I think the whole band will be there to watch, if you want to come and hang out with us and see a great show, come over.