About Us

We are a rock band based in Mountain Home, Idaho.  We play classic rock, western rock and country music.

Mike Aug
Lead Singer, Guitar

Vern Cole

Al Tweed

Cindy Jett
Backup Vocals

Amy Boyack

How RELROC got started

RELROC is a Mountain Home/Glenns Ferry, Idaho based band and began 10 years ago with a band called Relative Rock.  Relative Rock was founded by Mike and Nick Aug.  They have performed in many clubs and events throughout the Northwest touring much of Oregon, Nevada and Idaho from the time of its conception to present day.  Mike reformulated the band in 2013 with the current members to form RELROC.

RELROC is the result of 5 musicians with varied backgrounds and experiences.
Mike Aug-lead vocals-lead and rhythm guitar-backup vocals and saxophone.
Vern Cole-bass guitar, vocals, banjo, keyboards and acoustic guitar.
Al Tweed-drums, percussion and vocals.
Cindy Jett-co-singer and percussion.
Amy Boyack-keyboard, vocals.

Mike is a singer/songwriter and has been performing professionally for more than 30 years.  He recorded his first album in 1997 titled: Nothin’ Worth Somethin’.

Vern is an original member of Relative Rock and has a strong background in country and rock musical styles.  Beware the “ROCK MONSTER” in this good ‘ole’ country boy!

Al’s drumming career spans forty “Slammin” years.  He has played in several bands since 1977 and performed all over the United States.

Cindy completes the four part harmonies the band relies on.  Formerly a vocalist with Studio 170, she is now one of the 5 pillars of RELROC.

Amy really has an ear for harmony and loves playing the keyboard and singing along.

What kind of music do THEY play?

From a combination of traditional/modern country and rock and roll has emerged a new genre; From the combined musical influences of the Appalachian Mountains, Ozark Mountains and Rocky Mountains mixed with the good ole’ hard driven’ rock and a bit of Wild West grit is born a unique blend of original tunes called “Western Rock”.

The band also holds true to its rock and country roots as they perform cover tunes from the past four decades.

When you attend a RELROC show you will enjoy a large repertoire ranging from dance tunes, and love songs from the 1960’s to rock and roll tunes of the 70’s and 80’s and just about anything in between.  Maybe even a few from the British Invasion era.

Where to find RELROC

RELROC music is available through their website (http://relroc.band) as well as through amazon, itunes, spotify, cd-baby, etc.  During the summers, you can usually hear them at the Glenns Ferry Opera Theatre or Smoky Mountain Pizza in Mountain Home.  They are also available for commercial events and private parties.

For booking information please contact Mike Aug at 208-861-8830 or Al Tweed at 208-599-3756.

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